17 Oct

ROMI achieves the VOKA Environmental Charter in 2016.

What is the VOKA Environmental Charter?

Voka, (Vlaams Netwerk Van Ondernemingen [Flanders Chamber of Commerce]), the Flemish network of enterprises, highlights companies that use an environmental charter to put the environment at their very heart. These companies make an active contribution to the environment in their daily work.

How did ROMI achieve this environmental charter?

In 2015, ROMI concentrated on the following actions within the context of environmental issues:

1. Recycling of linen

Mailing milieucharter 01

Mailing environmental charter 01Good quality used linen is used for events where large amounts of linen are required in a short period of time. For example, during the last European Football Championship, ROMI supplied many players and supporters with fresh sheets and towels.

2. Recovery of thermal energy from waste water

Mailing milieucharter 01

Mailing environmental charter 01Warm, waste water is pumped through a heat exchanger and heats up the cold, fresh water.

3. Structural preventive maintenance

Mailing milieucharter 01

Mailing environmental charter 01ROMI guarantees the sustainability of its machines and therefore ensures an increase in the lifetime of the company machinery.

4. Optimisation of logistics, and a reduction of CO2 emissions

Mailing milieucharter 01

Mailing environmental charter 01Every week, our logistics service decides upon the most efficient routes to our customers. To do this, we take the different destinations, delivery and pick-up times, tourist season and occupancy rate of our customers into account.


What are the benefits for your hotel/restaurant?

  1. As ROMI customer, you will be contributing to a better environment.
  2. You will enjoy more stable prices thanks to our sophisticated energy
  3. Your guests will enjoy the excellent washing and ironing quality of our
  4. Guaranteed smooth, fast and efficient deliveries.